The Test – Light & Shadow – Julie Soley
2019 – An exciting year ends with happy news
December 19, 2019
Covid-19 cancel everything
August 4, 2020

The Test – Light & Shadow

In the beginning of February, the built-up has started. Over two nights, we built up our first test station in Bäderhaus Bad Kreuznach.

Equiped with T-Shirts, shorts and special marketing material, our sales team was on site. Collecting feedback from the customers and explaining the basic mechanics were our goals.

Feedback was incredible. First uncertainty gives way to shining eyes. Everyone agreed: No one had seen anything like this before. Compliments were numerous.

The collected user- & error feedback helped us, to solve the last problems.

From the start, we have established a free test phase for one month. After that we have planned to integrate the payment process.

We were ready to start the full experience. But then, something bigger has evolved and it will have us under control for a long time.