Our qualitative markt study in Crete: Surveying hotels – Julie Soley
Market survey with more than 350 potential user
August 15, 2016
Julie Soléy continues the market study in the United Arab Emirates
October 5, 2016

Our qualitative markt study in Crete: Surveying hotels

To underpin our analysis of needs of 5 star hotels, we had only one possibility: Go directly to the hotels and ask. But we couldn't image how amazing positive the feedback of the hotelmanager concerning our product idea would be. In our 3 days stay in Crete, we visited 30 5-star and a few well selected 4-star hotels. The results were incredible: 10 manager took part in our survey, and 5 of them (General and Assistant Manager) were ready for an interview with us. All of them were enthused by our product idea and offert their hotels to be a first test market for our sunscreen shower. That means: As soon as the sunscreen shower is developd, we will be represented in 10 hotels in Crete. 3 days in Crete, what an amazing successful trip.

For more information about our survey, please contact us directly: info@julie-soley.com.