2019 – An exciting year ends with happy news – Julie Soley
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September 19, 2019
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March 30, 2020

2019 - An exciting year ends with happy news

In 2019 our main focus was on the completion of our prototype. Version 1.0 should be finalized for testing by the end of the year. From the very beginning, it was clear, with a product of this size and the corresponding technology a longer test phase had to be planned.

The first problem was to find a test position close to our production. Short distances and fast availability of goods were the goal. Of course, sunscreen cannot be tested in winter in Germany. So we changed our shower system to a specially produced body lotion and equipped it accordingly. Our plan was to find a wellness area or bath house in the nearer vicinity, to position our shower here as a free testversion.

Thus the contact with the "Bäderhaus Bad Kreuznach" was established. With Mr. Carlo Weißkopf (Manager Bäderhaus) we had directly found an innovative and open contact person for our project. After a short phone call, we had already made an appointment and the "initial meeting" could take place directly in the "Bäderhaus".

After a short presentation of our system in rendered form and clarification of all necessary cornerstones, we could already start the brainstorming for positioning.

Nach einer kurzen Präsentation unseres Systems in gerenderter Form und Klärung aller nötigen Eckpunkte, gingen wir schon auf die Suche nach einer geeigneten Position.?

Both sides were pleased with the cooperation. Next step: finalize the prototype. A date was set for the beginning of January 2020 to demonstrate our version 1.0 in our production facility in Bad Kreuznach.

An exciting and effective year came to an end with the positive prospect of a test installation.